The Perfect Brow

The Perfect Brow

by Allan McAvoy Eyebrows

The Perfect Brow

Eyebrows are the picture frame of our faces and the first thing the eye is drawn to. Some people have chosen throughout the years to follow different brow trends, for example, “The Pammy Brow” existing of one single line of only a couple of hairs side by side, “The Cindy Brow” existing of a fuller thicker body almost on the verge of untamed and more recently, “The Jolie Brow” – perfectly arched and in proportion. Some people have found “The Jolie Brow” to be unattainable but I am here to tell you it’s possible! The perfect brow varies from face to face and it’s simply the perfect brow for you and your face. In the past the beauty industry has used the entire face to determine the shape of the brow, going on the method of the 6 face shapes (oval, round, long, square, heart, diamond). In my experience the simpler method of measuring the brow to the eye is a more accessible method that everyone can do! So let’s do this…. Cleanse your eye area to reveal your true brows – yes, this can be done in the privacy of your own home. Look at your bare brows. Are they full enough? Are they long enough? Are they too light or dark in colour? What would you like to change? Now the technical bit. Get out your ruler.

1st (A): Measure the ruler along the side of your nose, from the base of your nose straight up to meet your forehead. What are we looking for? We need the brow to meet the ruler as it comes to the bridge of your face. Does it? If it is over the bridge and longer than the ruler the brows need a bit of tidying. If the brow isn’t meeting or coming up short of the ruler the brows need a bit of growth.

2nd (B): Keep the ruler at the base of the nose and move to a 30 degrees angle (this is approximate as every eye varies). If positioned correctly the ruler will run through the centre through the pupil. This is where the brow should or will eventually arch. So look again at your brows. Have you an arch? If not, is the brow too thick or thin to give definition? If it’s too thick we can take the hair away revealing the arch. If it’s too thin we can encourage your natural brow to grow or we can fill it out.

3rd (C): Keeping the ruler again at the base of the nose move it to a 45 degree angle. As like before this measurement will vary face to face and eye to eye. Let’s check we have done it right. Does the ruler skim over your cheek bone and far edge of the eye socket? Where do your brows stop? Do they come down past the ruler? If so they are too long and will need tidying. Do they come up short to the ruler? If so we need to let them grow or can fill them. So, now you have gathered your results, it is only natural that you will probably need a bit of tweaking.

My first piece of advice is to go to a professional to get a second opinion and armed with your new found knowledge you will know exactly what you want. Always be clear and decisive about what you want. These are your brows and will effect your face, but also think of your therapist as your guru. Listen to any advice you may be offered and make sure you follow it as it will benefit you … yes, this rule is for the pluckers, you know who you are! Think of your brows as “off limits”. Work with your therapist. I ALWAYS know if there has been plucking! If your brows exceeded the ruler at any stage the hair will need removed. This can be done by waxing, threading or plucking. The choice is entirely yours as it will need to match your budget. Waxing (expect to pay from £5.00 – £15.00) Benefits – the hair is removed quickly from the root, not expensive Drawbacks – can be painful, can cause ingrown hairs if not done correctly, can leave skin reddened Threading (expect to pay from £10.00 – £20.00) Benefits – the hair is removed from the root , gentle on the skin, very accurate, quick Drawbacks – can be painful, more expensive Plucking (the one off price of your tweezer – RoseRetreat recommends Tweezerman) Benifits – hair is removed from the root, gentle on skin, inexpensive if you DIY Drawbacks – very slow, painful, downy hairs are left If your brow didn’t quite measure up at any stage to the ruler the hair will need grown or filled in. Again the choice is yours!

Options are as follows: Brow tinting – patch tests are required (expect to pay from £5.00-£15.00) Benefits – the hair is deepened in colour, looks fuller, adds definition, glossy Drawbacks – can wear off quickly depending on the hair type or cleansing routine Eyebrow pencil or powder (expect to pay from £5.00 – £20.00 depending on brand) Benefits – can colour match perfectly to your hair colour (opt for a creamy formula, dab through the brow using a angle brush, preform small brushstrokes to mimic natural look of eyebrow hairs) Drawbacks – if done incorrectly can look false (avoid waxy eye pencils when filling in brows as they can leave the brows looking very sharp and unnatural) Top tips for using a powder Go to your eyeshadow palette with your angle brush. If your hair colour is: Fair – use a light grey, beige Dark – use a dark brown (NOT BLACK) Auburn – use a light – mid brown To finish our brows use a clear or coloured brow gel (this is like a mascara but its holds the brows in place). To condition the brows skim your brows at bedtime with some Vaseline. This helps them grow! I hope these tips will help you in your quest to find your perfect brow! Need some advice? I would be delighted to hear from any readers of The Perfect Wife. Feel

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