The Perfect Bikini Wax

The Perfect Bikini Wax

by Allan McAvoy Waxing

The Perfect Bikini Wax

This blog isn’t for the faint hearted.Today I am talking about he Perfect Bikini Wax. I’ll be addressing all your questions, queries and fears!! Let’s not make this a taboo. Bikini waxing is now among the most popular areas to have waxed, let alone tinted or vagazzeled!

This post will be a mixture of questions and answers as there are so many questions you are all too scared to ask! This is the best way for none of them to be left out or forgotten. Why get waxed? Way back when, the only people who would get waxed were strippers or erotic dancers. I imagine this is were the taboo originally sprung from. Thank heavens those days have gone and I now have clients of all ages – from 18 to 80! Nowadays waxing is deemed more hygienic, ascetically pleasing, more comfortable and not forgetting less embarrassing on the beach or in your aqua class. Where gets waxed? This is were the different names come into play and it might get a little confusing for some people. Let’s get this ironed out first.

1.”Brazilian” – this is EVERYTHING off except for a “landing strip” 2.”Hollywood” – this is EVERYTHING front to back, yes, completely bare! What is everything you say? Everything refers to the removal of hair around the anus, perineum and vagina (or as I like to say “undercarriage”). Do I need to be an Olympic gymnast to get into positions? Will I need to get on the dreaded “all fours”? No not at, although I do joke with my clients and say that a bikini wax is like a Pilates class that they hadn’t bargained on! There’s just lots of stretching. Knee to the chest is the most strenuous, I promise. How long does the hair have to be to get waxed? The hair, if fine, should be 1/4 inch. If the hair is course it will need to be 1/2 inch. Do I need to do anything? There are times when you will be asked to help, for example, you will need to hold the skin in various areas to help minimise pain.

You will be prompted every time but soon you’ll become a pro. Do I have to take my underwear off? Some of my clients have “waxing pants” – typically a cotton thong which they don’t mind getting a bit of wax or oil on. I would advise you to wear something comfortable and stretchy. You can wear a disposable thong if you prefer which most salons should be able to provide for you. Also, it’s probably a good idea to wear comfy cotton trousers as they are easy and more comfortable to pull on afterwards. What can the therapist actually see? I think my clients imagine they are laid bare to all, but in reality a therapist sees and focuses only on the strip of hair to be removed. So let the embarrassment ease. How much will this cost? Bikini waxes vary from £10 – £45 depending on which salon you use. At Rose Retreat bikini waxes are priced at £10.

How long will it be before my hair starts to grow back? After your first wax the results can last 3 to 6 weeks depending on your hair regrowth rate. In your first and second week after waxing, hair growth is minimal, but in the third and fourth it is noticeably more. Seasons can also effect your growth as in summer heat stimulates hair growth. If you are getting regularly waxed the hair will not grow as quickly, growth tends to be sparser and may not return in certain areas. How will my “lady area” be after? A tad tender shall we say, but that’s to be expected. But don’t worry, it’s not quite John Wayne walking though! Can I get waxed during my time of month? Yes you can as long as you feel comfortable enough. You will need to wear a freshly changed tampon before having treatment. It may also be more painful 4 days before, during and 4 days after your menstrual cycle. You won’t be feeling your best at this time and may be over tired so it’s all about your own comfort. Can I get waxed if I’m pregnant? Yes you can but again, if you are overtired or under the weather you will be uncomfortable and again you will be more sensitive.

What is the sorest area of the bikini line to be waxed? Everyone is different when it comes to pain but most people agree that along the top of your bikini line is the most sensitive area aka the sorest. The sides can be nippy and you do need to support the area by holding your skin on your thigh. Surprisingly enough the “undercarriage” is the least sore! What if the wax gets stuck? Don’t panic – an experienced therapist will know if the hair is too long and will trim it so the wax will never get stuck. What if the wax is too hot? Again, an experienced therapist will always test the wax on her arm before she applies it so you don’t need to worry about burning! Will the skin be too sensitive? The skin is surprising resilient but your inner area can be more sensitive so I always use a cooler wax. Will I get ingrown hairs? Pubic hair will be curly as it grows up and it can there in-grow easily so a wee exfoliation now and again helps to buff skin growing over it. Do not pick or tweeze! What can you do to relieve pain? Deep abdominal breathing alters your mind, making a painful moment less painful. Taking deep slow breaths will help you feel calmer, reducing stress, anxiety and pain.

During deep abdominal breathing, you oxygenate your blood, which triggers the release of endorphins, while also decreasing the release of stress hormones and slowing down your heart rate. Ta Da! Less pain! I love incorporating breathing into my treatments, whether I am waxing or relaxing. If I feel a client is uptight, anxious or hasn’t quite slowed down from the days hustle and bustle, I help them to relax through breathing, the same breathing exercises found commonly in Yoga or Pilates. If you don’t find the breathing a conventual practice and prefer modern medicine you can always take a pain killer prior to waxing. What can I expect? Expect to have a consultation with the therapist as to what you want, let her know if you have any issues or preferences. If it is your time of the month, let her know. She will then explain what she would like you to do, where to place your clothes once removed, etc. and provide you with your client towel.

The therapist will leave the room so you can get yourself sorted and ready. The area will be cleansed and if trimming is required it will be done at this time. The therapist will check the wax on the inner side of her wrist to check the temperature and then adjust your briefs and ask you to hold a certain area and place your leg in a position which is comfortable. When waxing my clients, I firstly do one side followed by the “undercarriage” and then swap onto the other side. Finally, I do the top midline of the bikini line. The final element of the treatment is the application of an after oil to calm and cleanse the area. Easy, eh? What home-care can I do? It’s very important NOT to use scented washes, talc’s or perfumes. Think mild and gentle like you would use on a baby… Yes, sudocream can be used to cool and soothe. What you are NOT allowed to do after: No hot baths or showers, warm water only No saunas, hot tubs or steam rooms No tanning, sunbathing, sunbeds or fake tan No gym or exercise No swimming in chlorine I would recommend not doing any of these “task” for at least 24 hours as the follicles are open and sweat can cause those little white spots that we all hate and irritation.

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